Camp Wa-Klo is Truly A Melting
Pot of Diversity

Girls from all over the world come to Camp Wa-Klo! We have campers representing all parts of the USA along with many international campers coming from Spain, France, Italy, and Venezuela just to name a few.

Most of our campers come to Wa-Klo knowing no one, for they want to meet a new group of friends. Consequently, the girls of Wa-Klo are open and kind to all new campers, for they were once a new camper too!  Whether a camper is in 1st grade or 9th grade, we are a wonderful place for all ages to start a new summer camp experience.  We even have new campers starting as an LTG in 10th grade!

first time campers

Once a new camper signs up, she receives newsletters from us introducing her to all things Wa-Klo. In the late spring, all new campers are paired with a big sister. The big sister answers all the questions her little sister may have before arriving to camp. This Big Sis/Little Sis relationship helps a new camper enter Wa-Klo knowing she has a connection with another camper who has had the Wa-Klo experience. We also invite all our potential families to like our Facebook page, read our blog, and enjoy pinterest and instagram, which gives potential families an instant Wa-Klo community.

We can always supply references for a potential parent and child, so they can ask all the questions they want with a parent and daughter who have gone or are going to Wa-Klo. And, always, the Wa-Klo team is here for all parents to answer questions that they may have at any time.