A Perfect Program For Every Type of Girl!!

2-week traditional leadership

For every age and skill level, first-timers or returning campers, Camp Wa-Klo has a program that’s a perfect fit for any camper. Each girl gets to choose her very own schedule and has the opportunity to change it weekly in order to try new and challenging activities. There are 5 daily activity periods; one period must be swimming but the other four periods are the camper’s choice. If the camper is into arts, she can take painting and sketching, arts n’ crafts, dance, and audition and participate in one of the many play opportunities. If the camper is more of an all-around type, she can take archery, swim, windsurfing, and soccer. The possibilities are endless. Our activities are broken into skill levels, so all ages can participate in just about all the activities.

WaKlo Programs

For girls in grades 1-9, there is a 3, 4, or 7 week option in session lengths. The two-week option is the perfect first-time experience for girls in grades 1-6.

For 10th, 11th, and 12th graders who want to develop leadership skills, we offer the Leadership Training Group (LTG) Program, which requires a 7-week stay.

There’s a challenging and exciting program that’s just right for any girl!

2-week traditional leadership