2-Week “Appetizer” Option For Girls In Grades 1-6

2-week traditional leadership

The 2-week program at Wa-Klo, for girls who have completed grades 1-6, truly is a wonderful way to introduce a young girl to the benefits of summer camping. Wa-Klo provides a terrific program full of fun activities, lots of friends, and many summer surprises and discoveries. Although, we encourage a 3, 4, or even 7 week commitment for all grades and ages, we understand that the 1st time away from home or if the camper is still young a shorter 2 week period may be more comfortable. After spending 2-weeks at camp, about 50% of our campers extend their stay to 3, 4, or even 7 weeks in order to participate in all the exciting opportunities to come!!

Our youngest campers, finishing grades 1-4, live in Fishbowl, Driftwood or Way Out  with one staff member for every 3-4 campers. The staff hired for the girls in grades 1-4 express a strong desire to work with the youngest campers. There is a unit leader that looks after everyone in this age group, and all the counselors and kids in this area aways develop an incredible bond.

Girls who have completed the 5th & 6th grades, lower and upper inters, can also opt for a 2 week stay at Wa-Klo. They live in Pop Out, Far Out, or Out There. The 2-week camper designs her schedule as she chooses from challenging activities such as biking, water skiing, archery, lacrosse, wind surfing, and the list goes on and on. She will be able to join the camp in the infamous “skit night” and participate in everything that camp offers.

Spots for the 2-week option are limited and available spaces fill fast. Don’t miss out on this unique program that packs a big punch in a short amount of time!

2-week traditional leadership