Creatively Speaking… Our Girls Are Rising Stars!

We’re more than dancing, singing, acting, and arts and crafts. We provide girls with all kinds of opportunities to develop existing talents and discover new ways to express themselves. Camp Wa-Klo gives all girls the opportunity to be a “star” if they choose to be. In a non-threatening and safe space, girls can audition for straight and musical productions, rehearse, and perform in front of a loving and accepting audience at camp. Because of camp, girls gain enough confidence and experience to audition for plays at their schools—we have had campers choose a career in theatre because of camp!!

Waklo Creative Arts

Activities are planned, but if our staff recognizes an opportunity to enhance talent, we take the time to work with campers individually on the stage or in the studio. Artistic skills are developed, the creative muscle is stretched, and girls shine in the creative program at Wa-Klo.

Performing Arts:

Straight Drama Production, Musical Drama Production, Acting Workshop, Dance (for both beginner and intermediate)

Visual Arts:

Arts n’ Crafts, Painting and Sketching