Night Owls Have a Hoot at Wa-Klo

Camp Wa-Klo offers a wide array of evening programs. A camper is treated to a nightly surprise every day. By using the creative strengths of the staff, a camper may find herself drawing a mustache on a bunkmate while dressing up for an “area night.” Bunk bonding is especially fun as the group prepares for the annual skit night or prepares for a theme night in the dining hall. “Smorgasbord” may be the word of the night or “Scavenger Hunt” or “Gold Rush” or “Root Beer Float” or “Social with a Boy’s Camp” or “Camper/counselor Competition” or “Parachute games” or, or, or… the list is endless!

Waklo Night Programs

Every Saturday night is the cherished council fire which is both rich in tradition and a heckuva lot of fun! Every Sunday night is for Reflections in which an age group picks a theme and shares thoughts about the theme while everyone joins in singing favorite songs from the Wa-Klo songbook.

At lights out, all campers join in saying, “A good day was had by all.”