Camp Wa-Klo Invented the Word
“Special” for Their Events

Every summer offers a different magic to all Wa-Klo girls. Theme days such as “Beach Bummers,” “Dream Day,” “Girl’s Conference,” and/or “Snow Day” change each summer which adds a spark to an already exciting program.

Waklo Special Events

The “Wa-Klo Olympics” is always a huge event every year, and camp traditions such as Halloween, Hanukkah/Christmas, Final Banquet, Parent’s Weekend, Final Field Day, Sunday Tribe Competitions, Skit Night, Council Fire, and Reflections (to name just a few) are also revered by all campers. There is never a summer repeated, and no summer is ever the same. The traditions that have made Wa-Klo a treasure to all stay relevant with today’s girls yet sentimental for all our alums.