After the holidays, time moves quickly to the summer.  Really quickly.  By February 1st, most of the staff is hired for the summer, and we begin orienting them to all things Wa-Klo months before they actually step through the gates.

Tammy and I just returned from the United Kingdom staff hiring fairs in Edinburgh and London where we had great success in finding the best staff possible.   Some of our hires stood in line for 2½ hours before we were able to interview them.   Many of the applicants rushed to the Wa-Klo table, for they did their homework before they arrived.  They loved the idea of working with just girls, the ease of the uniform, and the ideals that make Wa-Klo a magical place.   At these fairs, we look for counselors that reflect the best that is in all of our campers—an open-mind to making and connecting with new and old friends, an adventuresome spirit to try something new and excel at something old, and a positive and exciting attitude to accept all the summer surprises and look for something new in all the old traditions.  The connections developed with our new and returning staff with the all the campers, both experienced and fresh, make each summer unique and incredibly special.  We honestly can’t wait to see what happens this summer!

With eager anticipation… Susan Chenet, Director


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