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Our All-Female Counseling Staff

We believe it is important for our girls to have role models. We feel it is imperative that our girls see a female water ski, lacrosse, and other activity specialists and know that that could be them! For our girls, they see female activity specialists, female managers, and female directors. At Wa-Klo, we show our girls that they can pursue any career or specialty they desire and we are there to support them as they strive for their goals.
We recruit our staff from all over the World; we find women who are interested in empowering girls and other women. We hire women who believe that at Wa-Klo, we have the power to build a camper’s confidence and independence while mentoring them as each girl learns how and when to use her voice.

This is a camp of smart, kind, professional, thoughtful, encouraging, nurturing and confident staff that encourage and embrace all of the campers.Debbie L.