The Best Kept Secret In Summer Camping For Girls!!

Camp Wa-Klo is an all girls, summer camp located in the beautiful southwest region of New Hampshire. “Our little corner of the world” provides a special summer home for girls with a warm, nurturing, and inviting family. We offer a 3, 4, and 7 week option for girls in grades 1-9, a 2 week option for girls in grades 1-6, and for girls in grades 10-12 leadership opportunities.  With equal emphasis on land & water activities, creative arts, and horseback riding, the Wa-Klo girl can create a unique and exciting schedule.  Girls can audition for plays, choose individual and/or team sports, opt for an array of waterfront activities, cantor on a horse, feed a cow, participate in field archery, and much more!


With 30 activity choices, there truly is something for everyone at camp. Special events, evening programming, and trips enhance the sleep-away experience. Wa-Klo is a traditional, all girls summer camp, which allows girls to just be girls. Our summer camp is happy, safe, down-to-earth, full of new and fresh surprises, and, above all, fun. The friendships and memories made during the summer camp experience truly make Wa-Klo a “Home Away from Home.”

Camp Wa-Klo for girls is more than just a summer in a life; it’s a lifetime in a summer. Wa-Klo gives girls the time to work, play, think, relax, be with friends, or to be alone in order to feel secure in the belief that she belongs to Wa-Klo, and Wa-Klo belongs to her. Wa-Klo is steeped in tradition, rich in history, and relevant for all girls today.