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Progressive Program

There are different aspects of each of our age groups. At Wa-Klo we recognize that at each stage of a girl’s life, she needs something a bit different. Because of this, we have a progressive program. Additionally, we have campers with us for 6, 7, or 8+ years; we have to keep things new and fresh for these campers while still holding true to Wa-Klo and our traditions!

There are certain things at Wa-Klo that every camper experiences however; one being our Camp Big and Little Sister program! We pair up a new camper with a returning camper from her session and her home area so that every camper arrives at Wa-Klo already knowing someone else in addition to knowing Tammy, the director.

In the Spring, we also offer socials for campers to get together and meet some of the other girls from their session. New campers as well as returning campers love this opportunity to meet up and talk about the upcoming summer. The excitement of camp always can be felt!

Each of our age groups is connected to an Area Head. At Wa-Klo we often say that our counselors are like older sisters to our campers. The Area Head, then, is like a Camp Mom. The Area Head is in charge of about 30-35 campers and making sure each of these campers experience is the absolute best one it can be. The Area Head spends time with each camper throughout the day in addition to doing weekly surveys with each bunk to ensure that the girls are making connections, loving their activities, and have the support they need. The Area Head’s entire role is to make sure that each camper is experiencing the a true Wa-Klo summer!