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The Area (Grades 8-10)

Like in the previous age groups, our counselors are there to support our oldest campers. The counselors ensure the girls apply sunscreen and bug spray, clean the cabin, and have an amazing time at camp!

Group of smiling girls with staff
Staff playing guitar for campers walking by

During their daily rest hour, these girls are able to spend time in “The Area”; the circle of cabins where the oldest girls live. They are able to go to friend’s cabins and spend time with the girls in the different age groups. Usually, these girls are sitting around the picnic benches and in the Adirondack chairs within “The Area” making friendship bracelets, reading books, or just hanging out!

As the bedtime for this age group is later, Wa-Klo offers a post-night activity for these girls that runs after the night activity. One night they might enjoy a movie under the stars, start gazing, or a night at our camp store; plus much more!

Two girls laying on a hammock
Girls at outdoor movie night

There are different trip options for each age group; some examples are outdoor rock climbing, white water rafting, and a bike tour of Martha’s Vineyard!