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Health & Wellness

Camp Wa-Klo has a wonderful medical staff, and we make every effort that your camper’s stay with us is both healthy and safe. We staff the clinic with registered nurses, and the Director Emeritus was a physician for over forty years. We are 15 minutes from a hospital, have a long-lasting relationship with a pediatric practice nearby, and Emergency Medical Systems (9-1-1) can be at camp within 10 minutes. Wa-Klo is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), and all counselors are trained in CPR and basic first aid.

We believe that communication is imperative before your camper arrives and even more so while she is there. If a camper stays overnight in our health center, needs to see a doctor, or visits our nursing staff multiple times for the same issue, we will give you a call. We work with our camp families as a team to help ensure that each camper has a safe and life-changing time at camp.

For campers with special health needs, we are able to support most camper’s whose health needs fall under the scope of what a registered nurse is licensed to do and what our counseling staff can support throughout the day. If you are curious if our camp is the right fit in this regard, please reach out to our Director, Tammy, to speak about any specific needs and questions.