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Food & Nutrition

At Wa-Klo, we are a large family and to help develop that feeling we eat family style. We have a counselor at the head of every table serving our delicious and nutritionist approved meals. A counselor at the foot helps serve, water, milk, or juice to the girls while another counselor in the middle helps with anything else the girls need.

Girls and staff at dining hall table

For every meal, the girls have multiple options. At breakfast, we have the hot option and offer the girls oatmeal, multiple flavors of yogurt, pastries, and granola. For lunch and dinner, we always have a hot option as well as our our salad bar that is full of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as homemade humus, quinoa salad, egg salad, tuna fish salad, and much more! We additionally have sun butter and jelly as an option for the girls. Throughout the day, girls can stop by multiple spots throughout camp to grab a healthy snack!

Girls in the dining hall

Allergy Awareness

Wa-Klo is an allergy aware camp. We are nut free and are able to accommodate most food allergies including celiac disease, lactose intolerant, and many others. At Wa-Klo we strive to give every girl a wonderful camp experience and do not want food concerns to be a reason a girls can’t enjoy the Wa-Klo experience! Our wonderful dining room staff will provide each camper with an appropriate and filling meal so that food is not a focus for the camper; she can relax, have fun, and make life-long memories!