Camp Wa-Klo—Where Alums Feel as If They Never Left

Although the faces at Wa-Klo constantly change, the traditions that built Wa-Klo still remain firm today. The same songs are sung during the opening and closing of Council Fire, the Sunday night Reflection service still begins with “Here We Are,” Christmas/Hanukkah is still celebrated in August, the counselors present Final Council Fire and Reflections, flag lowering and raising happens daily, and the tribe chiefs design and conduct the famous song and tribe formations for Parents’ Weekend. The list is long of traditions that remain unchanged. The girls today love council fire as much as the alums from yesteryear. However as the times change, Wa-Klo still remains deeply relevant. Wool sweaters are now sweatshirts, saddle oxfords are now sneakers, bathing caps are long gone, and the wooden pool floats on large, metal barrels have also met their fate.


Since 1938, Camp Wa-Klo has all the same offerings a big camp has, but true to Miss Kloberg’s wishes, the camp population still remains small in order to know every girl that enters Wa-Klo gates. “Our Little Corner of the World” is still a safe and loving place full of special and very nice girls. Miss Kloberg’s favorite poem, “Fit to Know Yourself,” is often recited, and the poem’s sentiments are seen through each Wa-Klo girl today.

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