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Leadership Training Group
(Grades 11 & 12)

Girls going into 11th and 12th grades are eligible to apply for our Leadership Training Group (LTG) program. In this 2-summer program, girls develop their leadership skills by taking a leadership class five times a week as well as assisting in some activity classes and organizing a camp wide program once a session.

Our LTGs also do community service twice a week. The girls volunteer weekly as a part of the Lake Host Program in New Hampshire to protect Thorndike Pond from aquatic invasive species, plants and animals. They also volunteer at many other organizations such as one that helps animals and one that serves food to the homeless.

This spirited bunch of girls always has a memorable opening celebration for council fire, the best skits, and the most fun. Most of our young campers want to be an LTG when they grow up, for the impact the LTG’s have on the campers is immense. This is a high school girl’s chance to learn to be a mentor, develop skills for a possible counselor position, become an activity leader, participate in community service, and learn to stretch the brain’s creative muscle when designing a full-camp event.

All the first year LTG’s live together in a recently renovated building called Cracker Barrel. Cracker Barrel provides a full living situation with showers, bunks, a meeting room, and lounge all located under one roof. The second year LTG’s live in camper cabins during the summer so that they can observe and learn from our wonderful counseling staff.

Once 2-years of the LTG program is accomplished, the LTG can apply to become a Junior Counselor. The Junior Counselor program is only opened to graduating high school seniors who have completed the 2-year LTG program. However, high school girls, 11-12th grades, can apply to be a first year LTG at any grade level. If a girl begins the 1st year of the LTG program as a graduating senior, she can apply to be a member of the counseling staff after completing a year of college the following summer.

Our LTG program is relevant to teenage girls who are interested in developing and strengthening leadership skills, acting as role models, and gaining valuable work experience. Entrance into the LTG program is by application only (please email camp for the application).

Space is very limited for this terrific and exciting program. Apply early for the spots fill fast.

Certification will be given yearly to each participant who passes an LTG level, the curricula will be available for inclusion with high school transcripts that are submitted to colleges, and a letter/certificate for completion of community service hours is also available.