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Community Service

Each camper not only develops ties with her bunk and the camp community, but she will also take the lessons learned about the importance of community to her home, school, and local neighborhood.

Camp Wa-Klo has 50+ year relationship with the Jaffrey Town Fair. Each year the campers in grades 9-12 help run the fair booths, sell tickets, and volunteer for the dunking tank. Every camper at Wa-Klo attends the fair. Each girl enjoys shopping for hidden treasures in the flea market, eating homemade goodies, getting her face painted, riding in the antique car, and playing the games in the booths. The funds generated from the Jaffrey Town Fair help over 13 organizations in the community.

The Wa-Klo Leadership Training Group (LTG’s, 10th graders) donate their time to the Lake Host Program. Lake Host is an organization that protects local New Hampshire ponds and lakes from exotic aquatics and damaging marine life contaminating the waters by examining every boat and motor before entering the lake.

Community service is an important part of the LTG program. Projects may include working with Habitat for Humanity, the Community Kitchen, the Humane Society, projects for children, the Red Cross, and other local charities.