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Facilities Rental FAQ

What are the overnight accommodations like?

We have three types of cabins that you may rent for yourself and your guests; all cabins include electricity, outlets, and overhead lights. Standard cabins have a large main space with bunk beds and a back room that includes a sink and toilet stall. Deluxe cabins have a large main space and a bathroom that includes a sink, toilet, and shower. We also have several specialty cabins that vary more in their construction. All include a shower, sink, and toilet as well as a king, queen, or one/two twin sized beds depending on the cabin.

A complete list of cabins including the number and type of beds can be found here. Depending on the date of your rental, not all cabins may be available as some are used as staff housing. Your rental coordinator will be able to provide you with a list specific to your dates.

Can my guests drive their cars on the property?

No guests are allowed to drive on the property. For the purposes of setting up the property, you may drive through during your setup time and break down time ONLY. Once your guest check-in starts, the road through camp from the office through to the Ark (gymnasium) is closed to all vehicles not operated by Camp Wa-Klo staff. Wedding vendors will still be able to use the Gate 7 (back gate) entrance to make deliveries to the dining hall.

Where can my guests park?

Map of Camp Wa-Klo showing parking areas.
The main parking area for guests is the soccer field at Gate 4 (the main entrance). You can choose to park on either side of the road. If there is not enough space for all of your guests, we have an overflow parking lot located at Gate 2.

There are also a small number of parking spaces available behind our dining hall. We suggest you leave these open for your caterer, DJ, wedding planner, and/or any guests unable to walk from the camp entrance to the dining hall.

Camp beds are great, but is there anywhere to sleep with real mattresses?

Yes! We have several specialty cabins that have twin, full, and queen size mattresses. The number available is dependent upon what time in the camp season you are renting the property, please let your rental coordinator know that you are interested in the specialty cabins with “real” mattresses and they will let you know what is available during your dates.

Can we pitch a tent on the property?

Absolutely! Many people have told us they love camping out on our Front Field or on the lawn by the tennis courts. There is an additional cost per person for those who camp out. Please contact us for that price.

What activities are included in our rental?

With your rental, we are able to set out a variety of sports equipment at your request. Here’s some of our most popular games and activities:

Tennis Frisbee Dodgeball
Pickleball Cornhole Yoga Mats
Basketball Gaga Ball Carpetball
Soccer Kickball Air Hockey
What does the add-on activity package include?

Activity Add-Ons are depending on staff availability. With the Activity Package you can choose 2 activities from the following list to make available for three hours:

  • Boating (Kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding)
  • Tubing/Water Skiing/Kneeboarding/Wakeboarding (one boat)
  • Archery
  • Swimming

**There is a maximum number of participants for each activity based on equipment, staffing, and safety**

Can I/my guests use the dining hall kitchen?

During the time you have rented the kitchen, you may use the walk in refrigerator and freezer to store your items. Anyone who is cooking in the kitchen or using the dishwasher must be Servsafe Certified. Your guests should stay out of the kitchen for safety reasons.

Does a cabin rental include sheets and towels?

Guests must supply their own sheets and towels.

Can my guests swim in the lake?

Swimming on the lake is only permitted while Wa-Klo Lifeguards are on duty and during mutually agreed upon times by Wa-Klo and the Group. You are able to add swimming or boating as part of your activity package, should you choose it. If you do not want to include water activities in your activity package, there is a public town beach a short walk down the road.

How big is the dining hall and what kinds of seating are available?

The main room of the dining hall is 3,500 sq. ft. and has a 294 person capacity. Contract your rental coordinator for a full diagram of the dining hall and available seating.

How big is the ceremony space?

The benches at the ceremony space (the Amphitheater) can accommodate up to 250 people. The amphitheater stage is 24ft wide by 12ft long and has an outlet controlled by a switch placed on the back of the front railing. There is one step to get up to the platform.

What AV Equipment is available?

Our AV equipment is “camp grade”. There is an amplifier and speakers that connect to the inside and outside of the dining hall that you may use with a microphone or you can use an AUX cable to connect to a phone or computer to play music. This is generally suitable for announcements, cocktail hours, and smaller events. However, we suggest hiring a DJ that provides AV equipment or bringing in additional amplifiers and speakers for a wedding reception in order to have the best experience possible. There is no AV equipment built into the ceremony space.

Where do my guests shower?

The deluxe cabins include a bathroom with sink, toilet, and shower. Standard cabins have a bathroom with a toilet and sink. Rental of any standard cabin includes use of our two shower houses. Each shower house is equipped with shower stalls with private changing stalls and on demand hot water heaters. The “In & Out Shower House” also has a toilet stall. Since we are an all girls camp, they do not have gender markers. We leave the designation of showerhouses up to the Group. You can decide how you would like to handle the shower areas.

Can we have alcohol on the property?

As long as you secure insurance with a liquor liability, you may provide beer and wine for your guests. If you are going to provide bar service, you will need to hire a NH licensed bartender. You will need to provide the license to Wa-Klo if you hire a bartender.

How accessible is your property for people with disabilities or mobility aids?

The camp property has unpaved pathways that vary in elevation and may be uneven in areas causing difficulty for people with disabilities or mobility issues to use. We are happy to provide photos or videos of specific areas of camp to help you determine if our camp can accommodate your guests.

Is there cell service?

Cell service is limited at camp. Depending on your wireless carrier, you may be able to get a few bars at the front field or near the Ark (gymnasium). Wi-Fi is available in the office and in the dining hall. Landline phones for emergencies can be found in Roy-Kit (the dining hall), Pillbox (the infirmary), and the main office.

Is there internet?

Wi-Fi is available in the Office and Roy-Kit (Dining Hall). Keep in mind that the more devices you connect to the internet, the slower the connection will be. If you are using streamed music or videos, we suggest only sharing the password with guests who must be connected to the internet and asking the rest of your guests to disconnect for the evening to ensure your music and videos stream easily.