Take A Look And Fall In Love

We welcome and invite tours to visit Wa-Klo. Through the years, potential families have toured Wa-Klo during the 1st session and sign-up their daughters to attend the 2nd session that very same summer! To see camp in action is a wonderful way to understand and get a “feel” for the camp and its community; you also have an opportunity to speak to the directors and/or administrative team to ask questions.


As long as someone is present at camp, we can offer a tour. Camp Wa-Klo is truly a beautiful camp year-round; however, Wa-Klo is at its best when it is fully open and the campers and staff are there. The laughter and sounds of delight spark the magic in the woods. We encourage “would-be” parents to schedule a tour between June 28-August 10th. Tours can be available prior and at the finish of the camp season also.

Please call or email Wa-Klo to schedule a tour. We will then make sure a guide is waiting for you upon arrival!

INTRODUCING ROOKIE DAY 2018, on Saturday, July 14, 9:00am-5:30pm, for potential campers wanting a small taste of Wa-Klo magic!!