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BY Tammy Fortune

March 24, 2015

I just returned from the American Camp Association Tri-State conference held in New Jersey last week.  The keynote speaker this year was Hillary Clinton—the convention center was packed to hear what she had to say.  After a wonderful speech about what summer camping meant to her daughter Chelsea and how important it is to build relationships in order to get anything done in D.C., she mentioned MANY times that there should be camps for adults.  She was adamant that a camp for adults would help build relationships that the U.S. Congress is sorely missing now.

I wanted to stand up and scream, “Camp Wa-Klo is offering a summer camp for women this year—COME AND JOIN US!!”  I stayed quietly in my chair, but I truly wanted Secretary Clinton to know about Camp Wa-Klo’s Connection Camp for women.

There are very few adult camps that offer a true summer camp experience out there.  I have heard about family camps, mother/daughter camps, and resort getaways; however, when I google “Adult Camps for women,” I can’t find a true summer camp just for women.  Connection Camp is just that—a real, summer camp where strangers bunk together, take classes together to build skills in archery, sailing, and windsurfing, and build connections by sharing laughter and memories.  Connection Camp is for women that possibly missed summer camp as a child or went to summer camp and want to experience the fun and excitement all over again.   Connection Camp is for women that want a unique vacation with friends or strangers and a chance to enjoy the beautiful out-of-doors paddling a canoe or enjoying the sun rays on a dock.    Connection Camp is for the woman that may need a break from the stresses of family and work and take time to unwind, unplug, and read a book with the only sounds being heard are bird chirps and breezes.

When kids describe summer camp, the first adjective is always “fun.”  Camp is fun.  And, no matter what age you are, everyone needs and deserves a little fun in their lives.  Madam Secretary ordered it—adults need camp!!  So come and join us!!


You can find out more about Connection Camp for women by accessing this link.