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We hire our female counseling staff as both activity specialists and bunk counselors. We have equal emphasis on land, water, creative arts and equestrian programs. For a full list of activities, please go view Jobs @ Wa-Klo.

We hire both men and women to work to keep Wa-Klo functioning as beautifully as it can as members of our support staff. Support staff, for the most part, work behind the scenes and do not have a direct relationship with the campers. However, all staff has the same goal in mind, “to give the best camping experience possible to everyone.”

If you are interested in working with us this summer, please have your application and two references in by the beginning to middle of January (earlier if possible). Wa-klo is usually full hired by the middle of February every year.

For further information or if you have any questions, see our Staff FAQs and Jobs @ Wa-Klo or contact Tammy Fortune, Director via or by phone at 1-978-225-3292.