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What’s New for the Summer of 2017?

BY Camp Wa-klo

March 2, 2017

We’re excited to announce our updates to the creative arts program for the upcoming summer. Wa-Klo campers have even more activities to choose from in our revamped program. Here are the activities you will see this summer:

Stained Glass: *Brand new for the summer of 2017!* Campers age 12 and up will be able to explore the fine art of stained glass! Learn how to cut glass, apply copper foil, and successfully solder the pieces together following a pattern of your choice. Campers will leave with a piece of their own creation!

2-D Art: Come explore your own artistic vision by using other artists as your inspiration. We will explore the techniques and mediums of many different artists and make our own pieces. We’ll be drawing with pencil, charcoal, pastels, and markers and painting with a variety of supplies as well. You’ll find projects ready for you to try as well as the space to go in any artistic direction you choose. Draw a still life, paint a landscape, practice your self-portrait! Explore and create! For returning Wa-Klonians, this is “Painting and Sketching” renamed and revamped.

3-D Art: We will really get our hands dirty with a hands-on art activity designed to create sculptural pieces. Get ready to explore a variety of different materials (wire, clay, papier mache, items from nature, recycled materials and more…) and make your ideas come alive. Every week will be a different project and you’ll be able to decide what direction to take the project. YOU are the artist!

Arts + Crafts: Our tried and true arts + crafts activity is back again! Play around with a variety of materials and projects to make friendship bracelets, tie dye, slime…and more! Every week will be something different and exciting!

Musical Drama: Ready to sing, act, and dance this summer? Campers of all experience levels are invited to participate in the musical. Sign up for this activity and dazzle everyone with your production at the end of the session!

Drama: We offer another option for budding performers! Drama is a great chance to try your hand at acting for the first time or strengthen your acting skills. Work on blocking, memorizing lines, and other acting skills! Perform at the end of the session!

One-Act Play: *New option for 2-weekers!* For our 2-week campers looking to perform, sign up for the one-act play. Spend time each day immersed in the performing arts!

Acting Improv: Want to try your hand at acting but don’t want to commit to a full-production? Try out acting improv and all of the fun acting games your counselors will teach you! Acting improv is a great introduction to performing arts or a way to further develop your acting skills.

Dance: Wa-Klo is happy to invite campers to try out our dance class! Whether you have never danced before or are a serious dancer at home, you’ll learn something new in our exciting activity.  Our dance counselors are experts in a variety of styles, including hip-hop, ballet, jazz, tap, and more!

But wait.. there’s more!

Clinics (activities offered just once a week, usually on Fridays and Saturdays) will also include new and different arts options! Don’t want to sign up for a whole week of an arts activity, but want to be able to try it at some point? Sign up for a clinic! We’ll have offerings from wire-worked jewelry to doodle meditation just to name a few!