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Getting Outside at Wa-Klo…

BY Tammy Fortune

April 19, 2017

Everything we do at Camp Wa-Klo connects back to our mission: to develop a girl’s connection with the community, environment, and within herself.  

Connection with the environment isn’t hard to find when you walk into the pine forest of Wa-Klo.  From our trips to our activities, Wa-Klonians unplug from the constant stress of social media and school.   Campers spend their days swimming in Thorndike Pond, practicing their gymnastics under the shade of the pines, shooting targets on our field archery courses, and riding horses throughout our trail rides that wind through our 90 acres of property.  

We are excited to announce some new programming for the summer that will continue to foster this relationship with the environment.  We will be offering new wilderness clinics (activities occasionally offered on Fridays and Mondays in lieu of our normal scheduled day).  Some of the clinics you’ll see this summer are:

  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Firebuilding
  • Wild Teas
  • Woods Games
  • Orienteering

…. and WAY more!

We hope you’re excited to be back on the shore of Thorndike Pond! How! How!